Chan is a queer, disabled Mexican-American artist and musician working under the name Porch Cat, based in Washington State. Their visual art often depicts the macabre, magical realism, flora and fauna, while drawing inspiration from Mexican art and culture. 
They enjoy exploring the in-between spaces - between sick and healthy, between man and woman, between tears and laughter, between life and death. While primarily a printmaker, Chan works in many mediums, from drawing, to painting, to photography, sometimes even creating multimedia art.
In addition to their art, Chan is the front person of queer, folk punk band, Porch Cat. Chan's raw, honest lyrics and unique vocals define the band's sound, while their partner, Emily Ayden, brings thoughtful vocal harmonies along with a driving and melodic guitar to round it out. Porch Cat, at its core, is a project that strives to connect and empower marginalized people through music.
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